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Businesses rely on accurate, real-time information, delivered within a split second. This is especially relevant in information intensive industries that are experiencing a data explosion that their current IT system cannot handle. Companies require next generation solutions now to manage the future. Xtreme Technologies offers solutions for specific business purposes.

  • Internet of Things - Innovation

    We are an Innovation Service Provider with a unique expertise in Internet of Things, to help customers develop business models, products and technical solutions focused on Value Creation and accelerating ROI. 

  • Internet of Things in Life Sciences

    Ongoing growth of connected devices in the IoT will change the way life sciences organizations serve patients and customers as well as their temperature-sensitive supply chain. Variations in temperature can transform modern medical miracles into useless material and billions of dollars are at risk.

  • Internet of Things in Healthcare

    The importance of data in delivering efficient, effective healthcare is obvious and has never been greater. IoT applications enable value-based care, shifting financial incentives to a model in which providers are compensated based on how their patients fare, rather than by the number of tests, visits or procedures performed.

  • Internet of Things in Logistics

    IoT will disrupt the way we think about logistics. IoT will impact the In-transit visibility of shipments, providing essential information about the Identification, Location and Condition of products as they travel around the globe.

  • Internet of Things in High Tech

    IoT systems enable rapid manufacturing of new products, dynamic response to product demands and real-time optimization of manufacturing production and supply chains, by networking machinery, sensors and control systems together.

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