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    Internet of Things - Innovation

    We are an Innovation Service Provider with a unique expertise in Internet of Things, to help customers develop business models, products and technical solutions focused on Value Creation and accelerating ROI. 

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    Internet of Things in Life Sciences

    Ongoing growth of connected devices in the IoT will change the way life sciences organizations serve patients and customers as well as their temperature-sensitive supply chain. Variations in temperature can transform modern medical miracles into useless material and billions of dollars are at risk.

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    Internet of Things in Healthcare

    The importance of data in delivering efficient, effective healthcare is obvious and has never been greater. IoT applications enable value-based care, shifting financial incentives to a model in which providers are compensated based on how their patients fare, rather than by the number of tests, visits or procedures performed.

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    Internet of Things in Logistics

    IoT will disrupt the way we think about logistics. IoT will impact the In-transit visibility of shipments, providing essential information about the Identification, Location and Condition of products as they travel around the globe.

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    Internet of Things in High Tech

    IoT systems enable rapid manufacturing of new products, dynamic response to product demands and real-time optimization of manufacturing production and supply chains, by networking machinery, sensors and control systems together.

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Welcome to Xtreme Technologies. We help organizations make valuable use of Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. This includes all aspects of the development, realization and implementation of IoT projects and the integration with existing systems and processes. 

By connecting the physical world to the digital world, a whole range of new and exciting possibilities opens up. Capturing and managing the vast amounts of real-time data requires state-of-the-art technologies and we can help turn that into valuable business solutions.